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Food I Love You is an experiential catering business that focused on food experiences that are lived, detailed & authentic.

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Food I Love You is an experiential catering company that offers fresh, one of a kind creative culinary experiences A catering company that focuses on enhancing and reflecting your event’s efforts and intent through food. Innovators of food and a strong contributor in the evolution of food and food consumption. 

at food I LOVE you, We Believe That

creativity lives in the food we prepare and serve

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If you have been to our 1st Sunday lunches, you will also know that we are quite crazed about an abundance of food & also creating inclusive menus that cater for all. We want to offer you a immersive sensory experience, that allows you to dig in, graze leisurely & nibble again so don’t be alarmed by the number of dishes, in fact it's a necessity as each compliments the other. and don’t worry we also don’t skim on portion sizes.

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Although we like to have fun with our food, identity and belonging are instrumental parts of our narrative and our food language which is transformative, inclusive & seeks to create environments that are empathetic and encourage acceptance.

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about the founder


Mpho Phalane, ex- Advertising Account Manager in 2014. Mpho, wife an and mother to two girls, is a self- taught passionate cook who finds joy in creating food that focuses on creating meaningful human connections. Her food style is simplistic and inclusive, celebrating the power of food and how it can both bring us together and also pull us apart as the human race. “Food can be the metaphor to create change and create the society we want, where we are empathetic to one another but it starts with how we curate our dinner table experiences with others”.

Over the 6 years of running the business, Mpho has been very intentional on zoning in on her food style that is a reflection of her upbringing and experiences –colourful, abundant and has family and friends at its centre. Without over-stretching, there is a witty, gutsy and stupidly simplistic take on recipes & pairing of dishes/flavours. It’s not gastronomy but its interestingly creative and intentional. A great measure of care in ensuring the dishes are not complicated in flavour and ensuring there is harmony in every meal, it’s a silent revolution that represents the interesting flavours of people and cultures especially that of Africans, encouraging representation and self-actualizing.

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Mpho Phalane